onsdag 21 januari 2009

Dagen som förändrade ditt liv!

Något att tänka på?

The Day That Turns Your Life Around

Every day is the day that turns somebody's life around forever. Is TODAY that day for YOU?

Think about the successes you've experienced so far in life, and I'll bet you can point to a particular moment in time when each one began, just like the heroine of this brief but powerful story:

One evening, not many years ago, a young housewife realized she didn't have enough cash on hand to buy some of the groceries she needed for the rest of the week.
As a stay-at-home mother and wife, she was entirely dependent upon her husband for income. So, when he arrived home from work that evening, she asked him for an extra 10 dollars.
Hearing the question, he turned to her with visible irritation. He heaved a sigh, rolled his eyes, and asked, "What for?"

She was stung by the contempt in his voice, and by the humiliation she felt at having to grovel for a measly 10 dollars. And in that instant, she made a decision: She would never ask another person for money, ever again.

Today, this same young woman is the vice president of a prestigious company, pulling down a hefty six-figure salary, with a string of promotions behind her and many more sure to come.
Indeed, she has never asked anyone else for money since that fateful day. And she never will.
In hindsight, it's easy to recognize just where, when, and how a success story started.

But what about the successes you haven't yet accomplished — the unrealized goals, dreams, and wishes you're harboring right now?
We're all looking for a transformation in some area of our lives. It could be something as simple as shedding a few extra pounds. Or as significant as finding a whole new career path.
No matter how big or small your current dreams may be, if they're ever going to become a reality, it will be because of one critical day in your life's journey.

The day when you hear the idea, experience the episode, or are hit with the realization that somehow, mysteriously, makes all the difference in the world.
The day when you finally get that elusive "missing piece" you've been waiting for — the thing that suddenly empowers you to actually do the thing you've only dreamed of doing up until now.
The day when you take a seemingly insignificant step that winds up setting you on a completely new path ... and ultimately leads you to your goal.

Just one day. That's all it takes to turn any "what if?" — what if I were richer, happier, thinner, healthier, more successful, more organized — into what IS.
The question is, When will that day arrive?
Leave it to chance, and it could come next week, or never at all. Worse, it could come and go without your ever picking up on the signs or seizing the opportunity that it brings your way.

Jim Rohn

5 kommentarer:

Spargrisens Mor sa...

Tack för den texten. Jag tror att det gäller "att ha fokus", all the time, så att man inte tappar bort, eller inte fångar den dagen med "stort D" när den kommer förbi.
Går man i slentrianmässiga tankar, så är man ju inte öppen för möjligheter som kommer och far, och missar en hel del av vad livet kan ge.

nonhosonno sa...

Precis, massa möjligheter bara flyger förbi och där står man och inte vet vad man missat. Man kanske bara får några riktigt bra chanser i livet, vore ju synd att missa dom.

Anonym sa...

Många kloka ord... krävs förstås lite vilja och energi också! ;)

nonhosonno sa...

Japp vilja och energi måste man ha :)

minna sa...

superbra! Man borde läsa texten oftare. Lite då och då...